TWO Upcoming Conventions! So much hype!

Please excuse me while I freak out, but I have not ONE, but TWO conventions coming up, back to back weekends! TWO!!

So let me explain some things first: I live in Seattle, Washington, and we have a few big conventions for geeks every year: Emerald City Comicon (ECCC) for all things geeky, Sakura-con for anime/manga and some video games, and Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) for video games. While PAX is during labor day weekend, ECCC and Sakura-con are both in the spring time. This year, they are one weekend after another. Which is AWESOME because it’s like a non-stop geek fest. But awful because:

1.) I am an impulsive shopper at cons. Stuffed alpacas? BUY. Two t-shirts for a special deal? BUY. I also feel really guilty when I look at an artist’s work for a while and don’t buy anything from them. If a comic book artist tells me about their hard work on their story, I will buy it. I know, they’re totally milking me for my money, but it totally works on me. Which is horrible for me, but great for them. (OK, it’s not too horrible for me because I never actually bought a comic book from a con that I didn’t really enjoy.) But anyways, usually, there’s at least a week or two buffer between the cons, so I can get another paycheck before the next round of geek mayhem.

2.) I’m a college student living in a dorm. I go home to my suburban home on most weekends to do laundry, chill with the parents, eat a home-cooked meal, swap out clothes, etc. I’m currently on spring break (yay!), but once I leave home this Thursday for ECCC, I won’t be going back home until April 13. Luckily I have most of my cosplays at my dorm already, but I’m so paranoid that something will become damaged at or before con and I won’t have the necessary supplies for repairs! I can’t bring the sewing machine, but I’m bringing along my paints, thread and needle, and hot glue gun just in case. The security of not being in my own home with abundand supplies is a little nerve wracking, though. Plus once the weekends are over and I can finally go home, I’m going to have a ton of stuff to drag home…

3.) No time to rest. At all. Once ECCC ends, it’s back to school and my two jobs. Then after Sakura-con? Work and school again.

4.) Extreme Post Con Depression Disorder. I get REALLY sad after Sakura-con. See, usually ECCC is first by a few weeks, so I’m a little sad, but I at least have something to look forward to. But after Sakura-con? Quite a while. Sure, there’s PAX a few months later, but it’s a very different con. I have a lot of friends – even some from out of state – that attend Sakura-con. We talk about it and plan for months in advance, go to all the late-night rave dances, do all sorts of fun stuff. I literally cry my eyes out when it’s over because I spend so much time obsessing over the con, I forget how to live once it’s over. I’m not boasting – it’s probably unhealthy that I care so much. But I do.

So as you can probably guess, I’m a crazy con goer. This is only my third year for ECCC, but I’ve been going to Sakura-con since 2007. I’ve spent almost half my life in the con lifestyle. I spend weeks planning out the perfect personal schedule once the event times are officially posted. I coordinate cosplays with my friends. I make mountains of kandi to trade at the dances. I work as a volunteer for ECCC in the daytime and spend the rest of my time exploring the con…which is awesome, except I get very, very, very little sleep. Like 3 hours per night. Even though I don’t work at Sakura-con, it’s pretty much the same deal since I’m at the raves until 3am, and then it’s back to the con at around 9am. So between showering and getting ready, very little sleep is had. But because I’m a crazy con goer, I magically find energy. I wish I could find that energy on weekday mornings when I wake up for school.

This year will be pretty crazy because I’m doing 2-3 outfit changes per day, between cosplays and rave attire.  I’ve been working on my cosplays since summer. I’m really excited since I haven’t cosplayed since 2012. ECCC has quite a few cosplayers, but Sakura-con has a large and welcoming community. Gatherings are planned on facebook for cosplayers of the same series to meet up and take lots of fun photographs. Needless to say, I will be attending – and even hosting – a handful of gatherings during Sakura-con, and will also have private photo shoots with photographers. Now that I’m all done with my cosplay making, I need to figure out what poses to make! Speaking of cosplay making, I made most of my costumes this year by putting together clothes from a thrift store, altering ready-made clothes, and some I made parts completely from scratch. I also styled a few wigs. Overall, I got a lot better at sewing and crafting, so I’m really proud of my accomplishments for the spring con season! I’m already excited to strengthen my cosplay making skills with future projects.

But for now, here’s a sneak preview at some of my cosplays! Most of them are older selfies I took in the process of making them – can’t spoil the surprise! Stay tuned for updated photos in future posts about these cons, where I’ll also talk a little bit about the process of making the cosplays!

First, here is my lineup for ECCC:


Ramona Flowers with my boyfriend as Scott Pilgrim:


Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2


Lineup for Sakura-con:


Shiemi from Blue Exorcist:


Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura:


Lucy from Fairy Tail:


Misa from Death Note:


For the rest, you will have to wait and see! 🙂

Have you ever been to a convention for anime, video games, and/or comics? Share your experiences and thoughts on conventions below!


6 thoughts on “TWO Upcoming Conventions! So much hype!

  1. I love this post so much .. I had so much fun reading it. I gotta say I can relate to most of what you mentioned above.
    I’m not a big fan of shopping but in conventions I go ballistic as if the world will end if I don’t buy this and that and that and the thing over there and that too and those and this beautiful collection that I already own half of and OMG this girl worked hard I gotta buy her stuff and this art is not that good but I’ll buy it to encourage him and wow nice cosplay costume I’ll buy it knowing that I will never wear it…. hahaha XD I think I should stop here hahaha…

    Unlike you; when the thing is over I feel great and start looking over the things I bought and wishing I bought even more and laughing at myself for that silly wish.. then the next day I go back to work with a huge smile on my face feeling great for blowing my paycheck on anime and manga stuff XD
    To me the high from a convention could last months and months …

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it! 😀 I hate going shopping in malls since I don’t really like anything there, but if you throw me in an anime con…by Day 3, all the stuff I said on Day 1, “I don’t think I need it…” I end up owning. I’m really bad at comicon since we have THREE artist alleys. I think I need to adopt your positive post-con outlook!

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      1. I really did enjoy it XD

        Yeah exactly I don’t like shopping malls either. But, in cons I go crazy and buy almost everything I lay my eyes on hahaha… sometimes I buy 2 of the things I really really love as backup XD

        I buy things I don’t need but I really don’t regret buying anything.. my motto is NO REGRETS XD hahahaha. I’m always happy about buying stuff from anime cons coz you can never go wrong.

        I remember once I went to a con where I bought art for Magi even though I don’t watch its anime or read its manga hahaha. I’m planning to read the manga though. But my point is you really can’t go wrong in these things + the art was so good I couldn’t just ignore it XD

        last year there was a comicon in Dubai and it was the first one in Middle East and I was in Dubai at the time and only knew about it like 2 days before the event…
        I only got 1 day pass T^T but I went anyway and it was small yet really good. I loved it because the artists there were so talented but so underrated.. it made me sad so i ended up buying from almost all the artists there coz they were really good.

        I loved being part of something as special as the 1ST COMICON EVER in that area. Even the cosplayers were beautiful and soooo goooood.

        I rarely cosplay but I love cosplayers because they make these cons even more special.

        BTW .. i love your cosplays XD
        looks really nice…
        My favorite is Misa ^^

        finally, be positive and enjoy life as it is ❤


      2. I bought the art book for Code Geass years ago at a con before I saw the anime, like how you did for Magi. I thought it looked really cool and loved the art, so I figured even if I didn’t like the show, at least I’d have a cool art book. Code Geass is still one of my favorite anime, so I’m really glad I got the art book to encourage me to watch it! 🙂

        Oh wow, that’s so exciting to go to the first comicon in the area! I’m glad there were lots of cool artists and cosplayers 😀

        Thanks, I’m glad you like my cosplays! I decided in a whim to be Misa again, as I cosplayed as her a few years ago, but I recently got new clothes that would coincidentally work well for a new Misa cosplay. My friends really liked my Misa outfits, so I decided to bring the cosplay to the con next week 🙂


  2. They are amazing! My next post will be about the two cons – I plan on having that up sometime this week. I was hoping to have a post last week specifically about emerald city comicon, but I was too busy with work and school, so I will just do the same as I did here and make one post briefly talking about each one.

    And cool! I will check out your post! 😀


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