WRITING UPDATE!! Maria is going to meet an editor! Way cool!

Title says all, folks!

For those curious about what I am doing with my life as a writer, I will be attending Crypticon 2015 next month for a one-on-one editing session with the Editor-in-Chief of Blysster Press! Crypticon is my local horror convention and Blysster Press is a local publishing company for all things dark and spooky. I submitted the first chapter of my first book to them, and come Crypticon they will have edits and revisions to discuss with me.

I’m really excited to attend, as this will be my first time at a writer’s conference and meeting with an editor. I’m looking forward to learning lots of great tips for improving my manuscript, but I’m also pretty nervous to hear a professional person tell me why my writing sucks. Overall, I think it will be a very beneficial experience!

As I mentioned in my “about me” section of my blog, I am an aspiring novelist working on an urban dark fantasy series. I started writing my first book Midnight WaltzΒ when I was in middle school (stay tuned for a blog on what it’s about!). Since then, I wrote two (working on the third) sequels and made countless revisions. After passing my manuscript along to my friends and peers from writer groups, I feel that I am ready to look for publishers, agents, and get started on my query letter and synopsis.

I’m currently not sure if I want to be published by a big company or a smaller one like Blysster Press. Along with getting professional tips on improving my story, I hope that meeting with Blysster’s editor will help me make a decision.

But enough about me. I want to hear from YOU! Have you ever met with an editor at a writing conference? How was your experience? Are you a published author, and if yes, what publishing route did you choose? Please let me know by commenting below!

Thanks for stopping by!


13 thoughts on “WRITING UPDATE!! Maria is going to meet an editor! Way cool!

  1. We’re excited to meet you, too, Maria! Blysster Press prides itself on encouraging and guiding authors at every stage of their writing career, whether they’re “one of us” yet or not. We hope that our feedback during the workshop is useful to you and helps you decide on your future route. Our absolute best advice is to never get discouraged by naysayers. If you want publication bad enough, and you’re willing to work hard, you WILL get there!

    Just a couple quick notes for your readers: Blysster Press isn’t technically “new”. We’ve actually been around since 2010, and while I (Charity Becker) prefer horror and dark-themed novels, Blysster publishes every fiction genre and many non-fiction subjects. We’ve been running the official Crypticon Seattle writing contest every year since 2011, and each time it has resulted in a super awesome anthology of creepy short stories from people JUST LIKE YOU! We have a booth every year at the Crypticon, and we’re ALWAYS happy to meet new authors and take a few minutes to talk with them. And guess what. . . We even encourage authors to drop off their manuscripts right there at our table! We’re a non-profit publishing house–meaning we’re small by choice and every penny of profit from every single sale goes directly to the authors; Blysster Press makes nothing off the sales of their books!

    Once again, we’re looking forward to sitting down and speaking with you in person. In fact, I am getting ready to dive into your manuscript tonight =D

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    1. Thanks for all the info on Blysster Press! πŸ™‚ I think it’s awesome that you’re happy to meet with new authors. It’s especially helpful for someone like me who’s a bit intimidated by the whole publishing process. Having the chance to actually talk to a human face-to-face is far more comforting than reading articles online late at night about “Why THIS route/company is the best way to get published!” or something along those lines. While I don’t think my entire manuscript is ready to be dropped off yet, I definitely want to do anything I can to get it at that point.

      Hope you enjoy the first chapter! πŸ™‚ I don’t think I have edited something as much as that chapter in my entire life, and I’m quite positive it still needs work.


  2. My dream is to be writer! Ever since i was a child that’s all i did was write!

    I am unpublished but working my but off to get noticed! I’m also doing a 4 year home study course for the Writers Bureau for Creative Writing and Journalism! Its an exciting time in my life as i have not been well with my anxiety and panic!

    Writing is my let out! i need to release my own inner demons through te power of words.

    I’m also writing a non fiction book about the life of an female metal head and all the prejudice that i have had to endure and also its like a confession biography haha

    It’s still far away from being completed but i work on it as often as i can!

    One day i would love to see my name in print.


    1. I was a child writer, too! πŸ˜€ I used to make little Pokemon books haha

      Oh wow, that sounds like a cool program! If you keep on writing and are dedicated to becoming published, I’m sure you will see your name in print someday πŸ™‚

      Anxiety and panic suck. I’ve been in an out of treatment for mine, but nothing was nearly as helpful for me as writing. I’ve heard many successful writers admit to having anxiety, depression, or some sort of disorder, so writing must be a useful coping method for many people. As much as I hate my anxiety, I don’t think my writing would be the same without it.

      Your non fiction book sounds really cool! I’d love to read it when you have it ready πŸ™‚ I’ve followed your blog and look forward to reading more of your posts~

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      1. Haha cool. I loved pokomon. I used to have the little red pokedex thingy haha

        I started writing scripts when i was a child. Its amazing what i thought sounded good when i was a child. Proper cringe worthy!

        Yeah, it does suck and i totally agree with you! Writing is such a healing tool. I’d be lost without writing.

        I never really took it seriously until two years ago! I always thought that my dream to write was just that, ‘a dream’

        But i learned that if i wanted it bad enough then you have to work for it and that’s what I’ve been doing!

        And yes i would love for you to read it.

        I love your blog!


      2. Oh man, I know what you mean. I can hardly look at my writing from high school without cringing. But you gotta start somewhere, and I think it’s awesome when kids enjoy writing πŸ™‚ Publishing my books has been a goal of mine for a long time now, but the process is pretty intimidating to me. Even though I believe I will get there with a lot of hard work, the idea of it all is still daunting to me. I figure it’s time to stop cowering and get my stuff out there, so I’m hoping this writing conference will steer me in the right direction.

        And thanks! πŸ™‚ I’m glad you love my blog!

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      3. Yeah. I wish you luck with the conference!

        Keep me updated on how it goes wont you?

        I also love your style and your post you did about alternative fashion! You have a unique fashion sense and being alternative myself, I know how it goes with the stereotypes of ‘how’ we’re ‘supposed’ to look and how ‘we are not’

        I always thought that Goth or Metal or whatever was about freedom of expression, yet it seems the alternative society can just be as harsh and judgmental as others. It’s kinda sad really. We should be able to express ourselves the way we want.

        Where you choose the pastel look I choose black and leather, big boots etc. But that doesn’t change my viewpoint of you, I think its awesome that you follow your heart and not the society. I too follow my heart!

        Sorry for ranting haha Jut nice to meet someone of the same background and interests.

        I’ve also got an alternative blog that I would love you to check out if you already haven’t Would love your opinion!



      4. Thanks! πŸ™‚ I will definitely make a blog post about it.

        Alternative fashion has always been another passion of mine. Ideally, I would make separate blogs for my anime, writing updates, and fashion, but I know I would end up neglecting them and feeling too overwhelmed (I’m actually really, really tech inefficient, as my bland blog page proves to be true). I’m actually surprised I’ve been keeping up with this blog. My deviantart, tumblr, twitter, and wattpad have all been abandoned. I just can’t keep up with updating them. I was afraid my frenetic and ranty blog would turn away potential followers – and there’s a chance that it has – but a few of my followers have told me they enjoy my blog for more than just one of its aspects. It’s great to know that there are more people out there that share multiple interests with me πŸ˜€

        But back on topic of fashion. I totally agree with you. So many goths are extremely judgmental of anything other than the all-black look. While I don’t always wear pastel goth, it’s one of my favorite alternative styles that I wear since it incorporates the cute frills and bows of my sweet lolita fashion and the black, bats, and crosses from my goth fashion. It’s perfect for me style-wise, personality-wise, and economically (it’s really great to buy a hair bow or necklace that I can use for multiple styles).

        I would love to check out your alternative blog πŸ™‚


      5. Defiantly!

        I began experimenting with the alternative fashion when I was 14 years old, so its ten years in august and I can say how dramatically my style has changed over the years and continue to evolve.

        I used to be the girl wearing baggy hoodies and jeans and converses, hair lank and ucky and then suddenly I started feeling my feet and growing into my own and discovering my own sense of style.

        There was a time where I would completely avoid wearing any colour and incorporating that into my wardrobe. I was so closed minded that I beloved the word colour to be blasphemy to my naΓ―ve ears. SO glad I got my head out of my ass now cause I wear a lot of white punky, gothy crop tops that are awesome under a leather or whatever!

        I also hated make up. I thought it to girly. Now though I wont leave the house without it! Its funny how we all change when we grow into our own.

        Great I can’t wait to read how it went for you.

        And thanks for the follow, much appreciated!


      6. You’re welcome! πŸ™‚ I like what I see on your alternative blog~

        I remember when I was in middle school, I was an emo kid wearing cat ears, then a scene kid shortly after. I never really enjoyed either subcultures, but that’s what the only other “outsider” kids in my town were into, and I wanted to at least fit in with someone. I didn’t actually get the courage to wear what I truly liked until I was 16. Makeup is wonderful – it’s face art! πŸ˜€ I love how you post about the makeup you use on your blog. I’m always interested in learning about cool products and skills that I can use.


  3. Aw thank you!

    I love finding new products that I accidently stumble across and then find out that their amazing and so I tend to make a blog post about them!

    I’ve really got into lipstick atm. My fav brand is Collections – Gothic Glam shades.

    Yeah I was always looking for a way to fit in school but then I was like, you know what? I’m going to be me and that’s it!

    I love freedom of expression!



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