WRITING UPDATE!! What Maria is actually gonna do to get her butt in gear!

Hey, everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything since I’m SO incredibly busy studying for final exams and hunting down internships, but I have news to share! It’s pretty short news, but still cool!

In my last writing post, I mentioned that I was going to meet with an editor about my manuscript at a local horror convention called Crypticon. For those who may not remember or are new to my blog, I am an aspiring urban dark fantasy writer.

Both the editor and a test reader – a novelist from her publishing company – gave me extremely helpful feedback on my first chapter. I was really¬†nervous to meet with them at first, but they were both super cool people! I’m really grateful that I was able to work with them, even for just a bit. I plan on working with the editor in the near future for the rest of my manuscript. Meeting her in person made me more confident in my work and made my dream of publishing my work seem more attainable. I’m really excited to get started on the editing process – but first, I must finish my spring quarter!!

Are you a writer who has worked with an editor before? Please share your experiences in the comments! Thanks for reading~


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