Dangan Ronpa photoshoot!: Junko and Naegi cosplay

Hello, everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post. School and work have been keeping me very busy x__x And I am actually STILL busy right now (I literally have my homework up in another tab), so I’m gonna make this post quick, but I wanted to share some cosplay photos with you all! As you may remember from one of my previous posts, I attended an anime convention called Sakura-con back in April and cosplayed as Junko Enoshima from a video game/anime called Dangan Ronpa, and my boyfriend Keegan cosplayed as Makoto Naegi from the same series. Here are some of my favorite photos from our photo shoot! All photo credit goes to Zandrew Photography: https://www.facebook.com/zandrewphotography?fref=ts

OIzY5QXSNYuIErGqwOqCabagWsVYBHbPR08_MiXQLLE,wEozzmayYJnEkbiE8O5s4kLI1WUG_WFQye1L2eblAiI,gQvQ2tXAZ-Osw0qwWm31hswpYpDoYqvP1mSkbjrPjQ4,JhNs2MAsUlO8DlkRssWcutB2VxfR5SmGImSxyn9tYCk,ZRvATLJ33Dqry8NwdO2T2ms-OQYATmSTEq54WLQeEjw,  998855 331112244776611   WUutxM5ZyNtPfkUNQmh-kob6nNlPDJO1MAPH98ZznFU,KzwMChyLIuTxx6elNI9zIFm-IuAaJPGz9H0sXG_HPKE,QDVYl1QZhC3o0pqeuJ_tZ8eq1cwkL7CR9sOk_ywk_tM,zV8cZzhpWn4Yvm8xnW9ZNqNmd3LsJRzIhdz6v7c0DLQ

About the cosplays

Junko: I bought the skirt and boots at Hot Topic; the choker from Claire’s; the shoelaces, wig, hair clips, and bow pin from eBay. I had the white shirt (not sure where I got it, but it’s just a simple button up shirt). The cardigan is actually a thick black button up shirt I got at a thrift store, and then I altered it to fit my figure and to be the right shape, and I added red buttons. The two white pins were originally white buttons and I drew the designs on with Sharpie, and I used squeezable fabric paint for the white boxy designs on the cardigan. I made the tie by  buying a black tie and a black tie from Daiso, then sewed them together, used squeezable fabric paint for the symbol.

Naegi: Keegan and I worked on this one together! We first bought both the hoodie and black jacket from the thrift store. I added golden buttons onto the black jacket and hot glued a zipper around the hood of the green jacket. He used fabric paint for the symbol on the hood and for the stripes. The hardest part was the hair. I used hair spray and some sort of hair glue to make it stick up and then blow dried it in place. I actually did it at our con’s cosplay repair station upon our arrival, so I don’t know the exact name of the hair products, but it worked super well and stayed up all day long!

Keegan purchased the monokuma doll at the previous year’s Sakura-con.


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the photos! 🙂  If you have any questions or comments about the cosplays, con, photos, or anything, please comment below!


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