Short Story Contest! My latest paranormal/horror story!


It’s been a while since I ranted about writing. So I will rant about writing tonight!

I wrote a short story a few months back for a creative writing class I took at my university and class really enjoyed it, so I decided to enter it in a small contest for paranormal/horror stories. The top 10% most voted are judged and I am so close to having enough votes, but there are only a few days left! Please check out my story, leave a review, and if you like it, vote for it by logging in (you can log in via Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and click the little heart! I would appreciate it very much if you could spare a moment to support me! 🙂 But more than anything, I would love for you all to read my story since I love to share my writing! And of course, if you are in any competitions or have anything you would like me to read, let me know and I will be more than happy to check it out!

You can find my story by clicking here!

About the story:

Whispered rumors of the “13 steps to hell” lure a gang of goth teens to the notorious Paradise Lake Cemetery. Some spirits are better left to rest in peace…

“The Paradise Lake Haunting” is a semi-true story. Located in Maltby, Washington, Paradise Lake Cemetery is home to the notorious 13 steps to Hell. It’s rumored that those who dared to walk down the steps saw visions of unspeakable horrors (presumably Hell) and went insane. A few decades back, teenagers would sneak into the cemetery at night – usually after a few drinks – and investigate the steps for themselves. Due to the frequent vandalism at the cemetery, it is now private property and the steps have supposedly been bulldozed over since they are no longer accessible.

Though Paradise Lake Cemetery is very real, I’m not too convinced that these steps were haunted. I’m not even sure they really existed – there are no photographs of them and the stories of drunk teenagers don’t seem all that credible to me. But local ghosts stories have always intrigued me, whether or not they’re real, so I thought it’d be fun to put my own spin on this.

Please check out my story, leave a review, and vote for it if you enjoy it! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it in the comments section! 🙂 If your town has a local ghost story or if you have a personal experience with ghosts that you’d like to share, please do so! 🙂

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PAX PRIME 2015 & Summoner Yuna Cosplay!!

Hello, everyone!
Hope you’ve all been well! I’m finally on my summer break, which has already been packed with a weekend trip with the family and PAX PRIME 2015!!!


What is PAX? 
PAX (penny arcade expo) is a video game convention that takes place annually in Texas, Massachusetts, Melbourne, and Washington state. Tons of game developers and companies come to the con with playable demos of their new, unreleased games for attendees to play. PAX Prime is the name of the 4-day convention that takes place on/around Labor Day weekend in downtown Seattle, WA. And by “downtown,” I mean it dominates the convention center, neighboring hotels, theaters – the con is HUGE!! It is gamer paradise.

Last year, I attended PAX as a vendor for Pink Gorilla, a local retro video game shop, and I returned as a vendor for 3 days this year. Selling video games to dedicated gamers is always a blast! 🙂 But this year was the first time I went to PAX for one day as a general attendee, so I had one full day of exploring the con!

At the Con

Oh man, I can’t even keep track of everything I played!! PAX is notorious for its long lines – some of which can easily take a few hours of waiting – but if you plan your day accordingly, you can fill your convention experience with lots of fun game demos! The exhibition hall is filled with glowing screens and loud music from the games and the booths. Here are some pictures of what it looks like!


The first thing I played was Dark Souls III. After waiting about an 1 1/2 hours in line, I finally got to play the 5-minute demo. . .in which I think I died like 10 times in the same area. To be expected!


Outside the exhibition hall was this Dark Souls fountain. Photo does not do it justice, but blood spews from the corpse! >:D

While some demos were rather short, Nintendo’s were quite generous. The line for the new Star Fox was always really long, but I heard the demo was 20 minutes long. The new 3DS Zelda Triforce Heroes demo let you and 2 other players work your way through an entire level – or until you ran out of lives. The game is a co-op adventure meant to be played with 3 people, so both hilarity and frustration ensues as you and your friends struggle to help each other through the courses.


Super Mario Maker was also super fun! You can create and play through various courses, and download courses that other people made. You can also choose which Mario “generation” you want to make your courses in, from old school SNES to WiiU inspired stages and graphics. I tried out the advanced courses and they were quite difficult!


I also got to play an oculus for the first time!! It was AWESOME!! I need more VR games in my life.


But lets not forget the fact that you could take a picture with Pikachu at the Pokemon booth 🙂


But that’s not all I played! Final Fantasy XV (I believe it was the same demo that was on FF Type-0), Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Mad Max, Assassin’s Creed, Gang Beasts. . .and so much more!! If you love video games, you must attend a PAX!! Tickets sell out super fast, so keep an eye out for updates!

Summoner Yuna cosplay

I was so excited to wear my new Yuna cosplay on my first day of PAX!! I had worked on it all summer and it’s probably my best cosplay I’ve made yet! Someday I’d like to get a professional photo shoot done to show off my work, but here are a couple shots of my cosplay:


Next time I wear it, I hope to have one of her staffs completed. I didn’t want to carry any props to PAX since it’s a very hands-on con and VERY crowded!!

I also wore my gunner Yuna cosplay on day 2 of PAX:


To read my tutorial on how I made gunner Yuna, check out my Emerald City Comicon post!


Skirt: The amount of fabric you’ll need depends on (1) your waist size and (2) how deep you want to make the pleats. I got 3 yards of broadcloth for my skirt and used almost all of it. I used Velcro to close up the side since her skirt doesn’t completely close. I painted on the flower design with Tulip Soft fabric paint in petal pink after lightly sketching it with a white colored pencil. I also painted inside the pleats so the design wouldn’t look all choppy while I walked. Though it will take a few coats to get the desired color since it soaks into the fabric pretty quickly, a small bottle should do the trick.


*The paint appears more of a light pink in person.

Obi: I got a yard of yellow broadcloth – broadcloth was my go-to fabric for this cosplay since it’s sturdy, easy to paint and sew with, and doesn’t look too “costumey.” I simply made a long band to go around my waist and used Velcro to attach it. I found pink fabric in my box of leftover sewing materials to make the pink strip underneath. For the bow, I sewed three rectangles: one big, a smaller one to fit inside, and then a taller, narrower one to wrap around them. I pinched the first two rectangles together to loosely for a bow, hand-stitching down the middle to secure the shape, and then slid the narrower piece over them and stitched that into place. The bow simply attaches to the obi band with safety pins. For all parts of the obi, I doubled up the fabric to make it thicker and more supportive. I also used my yukata’s obi ita (sort of like a rectangular cardboard thing that goes under an obi) for my cosplay to keep my obi nice and smooth. Once again, I used more fabric paint of the same brand to make the leaves and branches. I painted one half of the waistband first, then folded it in half while the paint was still wet to make it symmetrical. . .which was REALLY RISKY!! I don’t recommend doing that, but somehow I didn’t screw it up and it worked out for me haha!


TOP AND SLEEVES: …I think I got 1 yard of white broadcloth? To measure how long you want the sleeves, use a measuring tape and go from your wrist down to wherever you want the sleeves to fall to see how long you need to cut your fabric. Make sure you make the arm opening wide enough to slide over your elbows (measure the circumference of your upper arm first). It’s ok if it’s loose since you will tighten them with ribbon. I used Rit fabric dye in petal pink to dye the sleeves. READ THE DIRECTIONS AND FOLLOW THEM WORD FOR WORD. Also, if you have never dyed fabric, there are plenty of tutorials on youtube that can assist with the process. The dye appears a bit dark at first, but after giving the sleeves a rinse, the color softens. Given this was my first time dying fabric, I’m quite satisfied with the end result. I had a few moments where the dye would clump up and make little spots on the fabric, but you can easily get rid of them by immediately rinsing them  out and/or brushing them with a paint brush to distribute the dye. I think this may have happened because my water was not hot enough to dissolve the dye powder :/ So again, read the instructions!! And use a test strip of fabric in the same color before actually dying your cosplay!

The top was a lot easier to make since it’s just a long white rectangle you wrap around your neck. Again, just put a measuring tape around your body to see how long you want your fabric. I wore a plain black bikini top underneath.


I used a sheet of red foam and hot glued a pin to the back to attach it to a gold cord, which tied over my obi. I printed out a picture of the hibiscus and taped it to the foam as I cut. I used squeezable fabric paint to make the designs and put two eyelets to make the holes. I cut out a thin white ribbon to my desired length and strung on round beads from an assorted bead bag (also used beads from that bag to tie on the ends of my sleeve ribbons). The longer pieces are actually straws from my university’s dining hall that I painted blue 😛 Lastly, I made tassels and tied them to the bottom.


As for my accessories: I coincidentally owned bracelets and a ring like hers, and the earring and necklace I purchased from eBay.


Any questions about PAX or my Yuna cosplay? Did you happen to attend PAX? What were some of your favorite games? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! 😀 Thanks for reading~