Anime Review: Himouto! Omaru-chan episode 1

Hey, everyone! It’s been a while since I did an anime review, so I’m going to do one today! Today’s anime: Himouto! Omaru-chan!

**Please note: this review is only on episode 1. I have not watched past this episode, so my opinions are purely based on episode 1.

So anyways, a few of my friends were really excited about this show when it first came out a few months back and kept recommending it to me. They were all excited about the little chibi girl or something, and I finally got around to watching the first episode last night.

The plot


Omaru is a wildly popular, beautiful high school girl. She’s excellent in school, sports, music, and pretty much perfect.

But when she gets home, she transforms into a totally different person: a lazy, junk food loving, video game and manga addict. Who happens to be a chibi. And God forbid anyone from school knows her true personality.

She lives in an apartment with her older brother Taihei, who works hard to support the two of them and her obsessive lifestyle.

My review

From what I can tell, this show is one of those slice-of-life comedies. Omaru has some friends and classmates that I am assuming will become bigger parts of the series as the show progresses.

But honestly, at this point I’m not sure if I plan on continuing with the series.

1.) While I did catch myself smiling at some points, the show didn’t offer me anything new that really caught my attention. I felt like I already saw everything I needed to see.

2.) With character-driven stories (as slice-of-life stories usually are), it’s really important to have lovable – or at least interesting – characters to make up for the lack of a solid plot line.

And, to be frank, I couldn’t stand the few characters in this show.

Maybe it’s because I only stuck around for one episode, but I’m not really sure what the creators are trying to get at with this series. I think Umaru is supposed to be funny and cute, since everyone I know who watches this show seems to really like her, but I found her to be a lazy, manipulative, two-faced crybaby.


I get that she might be a relatable character to many anime fans. I, too, enjoy lounging around my apartment playing video games and eating chocolates. Heck, Konata from Lucky*Star was an awesome character who happened to be a lazy otaku, but at least she wasn’t loud or annoying about it like Umaru, and she was proud of her fandoms. Umaru cares too much about being liked to be herself around her classmates.

I think what really bugged me was how manipulative and ungrateful Umaru was toward her brother. She throws a tantrum to get him to buy her a copy of Jump magazine, and when he finally caves and does it, she doesn’t even thank him. She bugs him to make her steak for dinner, and then she pigs out on potato chips and is too full to even eat it. I feel bad for Taihei, but at the same time he doesn’t do much to stand up for himself because he claims his sister is. . .hot? And can therefore get whatever she wants? (Let’s not even get into how weird or wrong that is. . .)


While I was watching it, I thought, Maybe I’m supposed to hate this girl. Maybe the creators are trying to make a point about how selfish some people can be, and will take the opportunity to make a show about a girl who because a better person. But I’m not sure if that’s true. Toward the end of the episode, Umaru and Taihei are playing video games one weekend when they have to take a break to go grocery shopping. For whatever reason, Umaru is extremely pissed about this and won’t talk to Taihei about why she’s upset, leaving him to figure out why on his own. Eventually, he remembers that he promised her earlier in the week that he would spend the weekend playing with her, and then apologizes to her for taking time out of their day to make an essential grocery run. The show basically makes him look like an asshole for doing a necessary chore, because I guess it’s more important to play video games than to have food for the week.

It’s possible I’m reading too much into this. Maybe there’s some aspect of cultural humor I’m missing. But I honestly can’t find humor in a lazy girl crying to her hardworking brother to buy her a stinkin’ manga magazine.

That being said, my opinions on popular anime are usually in the minority. I’m curious on what you all thought of this show! Did you find it funny? Do you like the characters? Please share your thoughts in the comments section!

Thanks for reading~



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