Inspiring Art with Art: Kick your Creative Block!

Whether you’re a photographer, writer, painter, musician – all of us artsy types hit some sort of “block” where we struggle to access our creativity. As someone who is primarily a writer, the dreaded writer’s block can last weeks, even months for me.

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When I’m stuck in a rut, I often find inspiration from my other artistic hobbies. Because I’m a writer, this post focuses on overcoming writer’s block, but finding inspiration from other art forms can work for any creative process!



Playing piano is definitely one of my favorite hobbies! Those who have read my book Midnight Waltz could probably assume that about me, given the references to famous pieces and the main female character’s love for Chopin. Not only is playing piano a great stress reliever for me, it also helps me connect with emotions that I struggle to readily convey in words. Oftentimes when I’m working on an emotional chapter, I’ll play a song that I feel captures the mood I’m aiming for.




I am a horrible sketch artist. Horrible. Thus, most of my drawings are for my own eyes to spare the suffering of others. But I do enjoy sketching portraits of my characters, especially when I come up with new ones. Having a tangible visual helps me pick out their most defining features and betters my descriptions. Plus, when I am confident enough to show my friends and test readers, it’s interesting to see if my drawings matched up with the images they conjured from my in-book descriptions.

And yes. . . that is my horrible art.




“A picture is worth a thousand words,” right? I don’t have much experience in photography, but it is an art form I hope to pursue. Similar to drawing, taking a photo of a setting/landscape or a person can help find the words for descriptions. Plus, getting some fresh air and taking a walk around wherever you want to take photos can help clear your mind. Even if you aren’t a skilled photographer, sometimes snapping a quick photo on your phone of a place that looks like somewhere you’d like to set a story can be a little helpful.


Thank you for reading my post! I hope it was of some help to my fellow artists! Do you have some of your own artistic ways of overcoming your blocks? Feel free to drop a thought in the comments! 🙂


The Great Big Shoe Collection~!!

It’s been a while since I made a fashion post, so I figured why not make my comeback one about one of my favorite things:


I call it the Great Big Shoe Collection, because it’s a fairly big collection of big shoes. In this blog, I’m only featuring my “gothy” shoes, since if I posted ALL my shoes – cosplay shoes, work shoes, fancy shoes, old sneakers – we’d be here forever.

Demonia Trashville-518


This was my first pair of platforms and Demonia shoes! As you’ll soon learn, Demonia is my favorite shoe brand since they are pretty affordable, usually good quality, and have lots of fun designs. Reaching a little below the knee, the Trashville-518s are a unisex fit and are great for everyday usage and stomping away on the dance floor. These boots have zippers on the sides and buckles and laces in the front, which are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They are a great starter pair of platforms, since the platform isn’t too tall (3.25″), and the style works for many types of outfits. I’ve even used these for a few cosplays. I got the patent style, but they also make it in matte.

My one complaint is the platform on one of the boots did awkwardly split off while I was walking to class one day about 3 years ago, but a shoe repair guy fixed it up nicely and I have yet to have any issues since. That being said, I got these shoes pre-owned and wore them a lot, so I suppose some damage is bound to happen eventually.

Trashville-518s usually range around $99.95

Demonia Shaker-52


Probably the pair I wear the most often. They’re shorter than my Trashvilles (about mid-calf), more girly, and more understated since they aren’t shiny and covered in buckles. They go with pretty much all my outfits and can give even a simple black dress that extra gothy flair to spice up just an everyday outfit to be a little more fun. While they are a bit taller with a 4.5″ heel, they are surprisingly comfortable and easy to wear for long periods of time.

Shaker-52s cost around $81.99

T.U.K. Anarchic Kitty Face Mary Jane


As someone who loves both Mary Janes and cats, these shoes are an absolute delight for me. They’re super comfortable and can be easily dressed up or down. If you’re a half-size like me, I recommend getting a size up: while the 8s were a big loose on me, the 7s were too snug for my comfort. The downside of these shoes is the leather cracks super easily. This is my second pair and I’ve only worn them maybe twice before they started cracking along the sides. As much as I love the design, I sadly will not be investing in another pair after these wear out. T.U.K. does make similar cat shoes in a sneaker-MJ style, as well as flats, so it’s possible those materials and styles are of better quality.

This style of kitty face Mary Janes cost about $80.00

Iron Fist Wishbone Super Creeper


I often wear black/white color schemes, so these shoes are the perfect addition to my collection! I actually got them for Christmas and haven’t worn them out yet, other than just around the house to break them in, but they are surprisingly lightweight considering the tall platforms! Both cute and classy, I especially love how the bones pop against the black.

You can find these super creepers on the Iron Fist site on sale for only $35.99!

Demonia Sprite-01


I just love how cartoony these shoes look! They work great with my gothic lolita and creepy-cute outfits. I have the patent black w/ red version, but there is also one with white accents. The straps are velcro, making them very easy and comfy to wear.

Sprite-01 runs for about $48.95

Demonia Sprite-02


To be honest, I wish I could just own the entire Sprite collection since they are all so cute! When I saw the double heart buckles on these babies, I couldn’t resist buying them! They match perfectly with my heart garters and collar. This style also comes in light pink. Only thing I suggest with these is figuring out exactly where you want to buckle them before you go out. Too tight can be uncomfortable, but if they are too loose, the hearts get stuck in each other when you walk.

Sprite-02s are a little more expensive at about $61.95.

T.U.K. Black Suede Mondo Creeper


When you’re too spooky for sneakers, you wear creepers. They are so great for casual wear without looking too “normal.” I’ve had this pair, along with a pastel Hello Kitty pair for about 4 years now I think and they’re still going strong. Demonia also makes similar creepers, but I haven’t gotten a pair from them thus can’t speak for the quality.

T.U.K. Mondo Creepers currently cost $100 on their site – I recommend finding them from a different seller like Sinister Soles, where they’ll cost around $75.

Circus Black Quinn Glitter Boots


Not necessarily a “goth” shoe, but they work really well with some creepy-kawaii outfits I’ve put together – and they’re rainproof, which is perfect for my rainy city of Seattle! The glitter is part of the plastic, so it doesn’t fall off, and it’s not too obnoxiously sparkly if that’s not your thing. Similar in design to Doc Martens, but not nearly as comfortable. I had to put a shoe insert inside to make the soles more cushy.

I bought these boots at a thrift store, but I believe this brand usually costs around $40-$45?

Volatile Black Strap Combat Boots


This is one of my early, eeeeaaarly pair of combat boots, all the way from high school. Maybe even earlier. (To put in perspective, I’m almost 23 now). I mainly just use them for cosplay now since I have more “fun” boots to pick from, but they are still a great basic tall boot. They’ve definitely held up over the years, other than a few minor toe scuffs.

These Volatiles are about $50, but they often go on sale on the Hot Topic site!

Demonia Vampire 03


I really wanted a pair of heels, but I have trouble keeping open shoes on my feet, and I walk really silly in super narrow heels. These lace up pumps with chunky heels are perfect for me! Their unique design makes them fun and classy, and a little more sexy than my usual platforms. While they’re not as comfortable, mainly since I don’t wear heels often, they are still a great shoe choice for people like me who can’t walk in stilettos. This style also has a red stitching version.

I got my pair used on eBay, but I think they usually cost around $58?

Hot Topic Platforms 


This is my last pair in my collection. I found these funky buddies in a thrift shop. The insides just say Hot Topic, so my guess is Hot Topic used to make shoes way back when? They’ve got a neat buckle design on the front and have velcro straps to secure them to your feet. The platforms are about 4″ tall and are quite heavy, so my legs tend to get tired in these after a long night of dancing. I generally only wear them out to clubs since they’re so big and heavy.

Since I thrifted them and they’re no longer available on Hot Topic’s site, I have no idea how much these cost or where to find these!


Thank you so much for reading my shoe post! Do you have any favorites in my collection? What are some of your favorite shoes? Which fashion items would you like to see next? Please feel free to comment below! 🙂