The Great Big Shoe Collection~!!

It’s been a while since I made a fashion post, so I figured why not make my comeback one about one of my favorite things:


I call it the Great Big Shoe Collection, because it’s a fairly big collection of big shoes. In this blog, I’m only featuring my “gothy” shoes, since if I posted ALL my shoes – cosplay shoes, work shoes, fancy shoes, old sneakers – we’d be here forever.

Demonia Trashville-518


This was my first pair of platforms and Demonia shoes! As you’ll soon learn, Demonia is my favorite shoe brand since they are pretty affordable, usually good quality, and have lots of fun designs. Reaching a little below the knee, the Trashville-518s are a unisex fit and are great for everyday usage and stomping away on the dance floor. These boots have zippers on the sides and buckles and laces in the front, which are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They are a great starter pair of platforms, since the platform isn’t too tall (3.25″), and the style works for many types of outfits. I’ve even used these for a few cosplays. I got the patent style, but they also make it in matte.

My one complaint is the platform on one of the boots did awkwardly split off while I was walking to class one day about 3 years ago, but a shoe repair guy fixed it up nicely and I have yet to have any issues since. That being said, I got these shoes pre-owned and wore them a lot, so I suppose some damage is bound to happen eventually.

Trashville-518s usually range around $99.95

Demonia Shaker-52


Probably the pair I wear the most often. They’re shorter than my Trashvilles (about mid-calf), more girly, and more understated since they aren’t shiny and covered in buckles. They go with pretty much all my outfits and can give even a simple black dress that extra gothy flair to spice up just an everyday outfit to be a little more fun. While they are a bit taller with a 4.5″ heel, they are surprisingly comfortable and easy to wear for long periods of time.

Shaker-52s cost around $81.99

T.U.K. Anarchic Kitty Face Mary Jane


As someone who loves both Mary Janes and cats, these shoes are an absolute delight for me. They’re super comfortable and can be easily dressed up or down. If you’re a half-size like me, I recommend getting a size up: while the 8s were a big loose on me, the 7s were too snug for my comfort. The downside of these shoes is the leather cracks super easily. This is my second pair and I’ve only worn them maybe twice before they started cracking along the sides. As much as I love the design, I sadly will not be investing in another pair after these wear out. T.U.K. does make similar cat shoes in a sneaker-MJ style, as well as flats, so it’s possible those materials and styles are of better quality.

This style of kitty face Mary Janes cost about $80.00

Iron Fist Wishbone Super Creeper


I often wear black/white color schemes, so these shoes are the perfect addition to my collection! I actually got them for Christmas and haven’t worn them out yet, other than just around the house to break them in, but they are surprisingly lightweight considering the tall platforms! Both cute and classy, I especially love how the bones pop against the black.

You can find these super creepers on the Iron Fist site on sale for only $35.99!

Demonia Sprite-01


I just love how cartoony these shoes look! They work great with my gothic lolita and creepy-cute outfits. I have the patent black w/ red version, but there is also one with white accents. The straps are velcro, making them very easy and comfy to wear.

Sprite-01 runs for about $48.95

Demonia Sprite-02


To be honest, I wish I could just own the entire Sprite collection since they are all so cute! When I saw the double heart buckles on these babies, I couldn’t resist buying them! They match perfectly with my heart garters and collar. This style also comes in light pink. Only thing I suggest with these is figuring out exactly where you want to buckle them before you go out. Too tight can be uncomfortable, but if they are too loose, the hearts get stuck in each other when you walk.

Sprite-02s are a little more expensive at about $61.95.

T.U.K. Black Suede Mondo Creeper


When you’re too spooky for sneakers, you wear creepers. They are so great for casual wear without looking too “normal.” I’ve had this pair, along with a pastel Hello Kitty pair for about 4 years now I think and they’re still going strong. Demonia also makes similar creepers, but I haven’t gotten a pair from them thus can’t speak for the quality.

T.U.K. Mondo Creepers currently cost $100 on their site – I recommend finding them from a different seller like Sinister Soles, where they’ll cost around $75.

Circus Black Quinn Glitter Boots


Not necessarily a “goth” shoe, but they work really well with some creepy-kawaii outfits I’ve put together – and they’re rainproof, which is perfect for my rainy city of Seattle! The glitter is part of the plastic, so it doesn’t fall off, and it’s not too obnoxiously sparkly if that’s not your thing. Similar in design to Doc Martens, but not nearly as comfortable. I had to put a shoe insert inside to make the soles more cushy.

I bought these boots at a thrift store, but I believe this brand usually costs around $40-$45?

Volatile Black Strap Combat Boots


This is one of my early, eeeeaaarly pair of combat boots, all the way from high school. Maybe even earlier. (To put in perspective, I’m almost 23 now). I mainly just use them for cosplay now since I have more “fun” boots to pick from, but they are still a great basic tall boot. They’ve definitely held up over the years, other than a few minor toe scuffs.

These Volatiles are about $50, but they often go on sale on the Hot Topic site!

Demonia Vampire 03


I really wanted a pair of heels, but I have trouble keeping open shoes on my feet, and I walk really silly in super narrow heels. These lace up pumps with chunky heels are perfect for me! Their unique design makes them fun and classy, and a little more sexy than my usual platforms. While they’re not as comfortable, mainly since I don’t wear heels often, they are still a great shoe choice for people like me who can’t walk in stilettos. This style also has a red stitching version.

I got my pair used on eBay, but I think they usually cost around $58?

Hot Topic Platforms 


This is my last pair in my collection. I found these funky buddies in a thrift shop. The insides just say Hot Topic, so my guess is Hot Topic used to make shoes way back when? They’ve got a neat buckle design on the front and have velcro straps to secure them to your feet. The platforms are about 4″ tall and are quite heavy, so my legs tend to get tired in these after a long night of dancing. I generally only wear them out to clubs since they’re so big and heavy.

Since I thrifted them and they’re no longer available on Hot Topic’s site, I have no idea how much these cost or where to find these!


Thank you so much for reading my shoe post! Do you have any favorites in my collection? What are some of your favorite shoes? Which fashion items would you like to see next? Please feel free to comment below! ūüôā


Gothic Outfit Challenge

Hello, everyone! It’s been a while since I made a fashion post, so I’d like to share with you a photo challenge I did on Facebook about a month ago!

Drawings were circulating around various pages about a “gothic outfit challenge,” where everyday you had to wear a different goth style for a week. A handful of friends tagged me in the posts, so I eventually caved and did it. Here are the results!¬†Heads up, lighting isn’t fantastic in my room, so it’s hard to show off black clothing e.e


Nu Goth (aka “tumblr goth,” “hipster goth,” or “goth lite”) is the most modern, and probably msot popular style among peeps my age, given its simplicity and online presence. It basically is modern fashion with a dark twist, heavily influenced by goth stereotypes, like crosses, skulls, spikes, platform shoes, etc. For this outfit, I was sure to include my skull hair clips, tattoo choker, Forever 21 cross cardigan, creepers, and over-the-knee stockings.


Dark Mori (aka “forrest goth,” “witchy,” “forrest witch”) is basically what would happen if a goth got lost in a forest. “Mori” is Japanese for forest, so mori fashion is characterized by flowy shawls, scarves, garments, and grays/browns/dark greens, and of course black if you want to go Dark Mori. It kind of reminds me of forest fairies or witches, which is pretty dope. For this outfit, I included my flower and butterfly hair clips, a floral lacey top, and this drapey shawl-like thing that didn’t photograph too well :/


Gonna start off by apologizing for not having a mad rad death hawk. The look is kinda incomplete without it, but I’d rather not shave my head for a facebook challenge.

Death Rock (aka “punk goth,” “zombie punk,” “goth is literally dead – or undead, undead, undead?”) is an older style in the goth family and is the fashion counterpart for death rock music. Inspired by post-punk and punk rock, death rock is like punk with a spooky twist. With shredded clothing, spikes, big hair, and platform shoes, if you look like an undead punk, you’re doing it right. I wore my favorite Demonia platforms, Lip Service fishnet top, and layered fishnet stockings with stripes.



Trad Goth (aka “traditional goth,” “real goth,” “I’m a non-conformist and my look is original – what? No, I did not steal this look from my favorite band”) is the original goth fashion, around since the early days when goth evolved from punk. Therefore, trad fashion borrows many elements from punk, like fishnets and snazzy jackets. Also, it was the 80s, so big hair and heavy makeup are a must. Where yesterday’s death rock is more “zombie punk,” trad goth is more “punk going to the (soon to be) zombie punk’s funeral.”The jacket is an old Tripp relic, with pins added and an ankh painted on the back. The skirt is from Queen of Darkness.


Cyber goth (aka “raver goths,” “not actually goths,” “ravers who think they are goth but are actually just ravers in black and neon”) is probably the most different of the bunch – not because of the neon colors necessarily, but because it focuses on futuristic elements and is associated with electronic dance music rather than rock. Dreadfall and cyberlox hair extensions are a must, often paired with goggles and a respirator. Fishnets, spikes, and platforms are still popular like with the other goths, but cyber goths are more commonly seen wearing biohazard and radiation symbols over crosses and coffins. My dress is from Cyberdog, and I wore a mixture of crin cyberlox and dreadfals from sellers¬†local to my area. The shoes are 5″ platforms I thrifted, just say Hot Topic in them.


The challenge specifically calls for Military Goth (pretty self explanatory what that is), but I don’t own anything like that e.e So I did the next closest thing.

Rivethead (aka “industrial enthusiasts,” “darker, more badass cybergoths,” “‘are you from the Matrix?'”) often takes military elements like camo and combat boots, and mixes them with punk, fetish (girls often wear PVC or leather), and cyber, but without the neon colors. It is associated with industrial music, both the harsher ends of electro-industrial and industrial rock like KMFDM and Rammstein. The dress is from Lip Service, the dreads from a local seller, I think I actually got the goggles used on eBay?


And there you have it! Do you have a favorite style? Have you ever tried this challenge? Please comment your thoughts below! ūüôā Thanks for reading!

Alt. Fashion post! Spooky in the Summer~

It’s that time of the year again when the great fireball in the sky burns the strongest. It’s also that time when my Facebook is flooded with “how to be Goth in the summer!” blogs shared by my friends.

That being said, if you are looking for “how to be goth in the summer” articles to find ways to keep cool while wearing black, there are dozens of them out there. While I could write one, too, I feel it’d be a bit redundant since so many other bloggers have done the job.

Instead, I would like to share with you some of my personal favorite outfit pieces and tips to give you some specific ideas on what could be fun to wear in the summer months. As there are many different subgenres of goth, I tried to find clothing that could be used for all or most kinds. This article is catered towards feminine fashion since I am a female and like girly clothing. I don’t mean to single anyone out.


What better to wear in the summer than tank tops? You can simply wear a black tank top and goth it up with accessories Рaccessories can add personality to a plain black outfit. I like adding silver skulls, ankhs, and crosses to mine. If you get warm easily, avoid tight chokers and leather.

If you’re looking for something more girly, find one with lace or bows. You can easily find solid colored tank tops literally anywhere that sells clothes, and usually for a pretty cheap price.

Here are two tank tops that I really like for summer. The left is from Dead Threads and the right is from Tripp (corset is just for looks, not functional).


Too frilly for you? If lace and ribbons aren’t your thing, you can modify a solid tank top to suit your liking. On the right, I got a solid black tank top and hot glued zippers I bought from my local craft store. On the left I have a crop top with crosses from About a Girl. It’s almost 3/4 sleeves, but it’s super lightweight, making it perfect for hot weather.


Summer is also a great time for flowy materials since they don’t stick to your skin. This flowy shawl-cardigan-thing looks great over tank tops. Not only is it light, but the back has a lace panel. The brand is BCX and I think it’s from either Target or Macy’s. . .some really big store.

20150515_134107 (1)

Fishnet tops can also be great summer pieces, but this can depend on its material. A lighter mesh or large netting will work best.


Again, plain black shorts and skirts will work. I’ve seen a lot of long, flowy black skirts in stores lately, many of which could be used for an awesome summer outfit. I personally prefer shorter skirts, and summer is a great time for them. Pictured below is my favorite skirt that I own. It’s from Queen of Darkness. I tend to wear it all year round (unless it’s snowing), but unless I wear thick leggings underneath, I tend to freeze my butt off. It’s just a thin satiny skirt with spiderweb lace on top.


The rockabilly look is a great style to try out in the summer. Hell Bunny sells lots of big, flowy, 50s styles dresses with spooky prints, like skulls, zombie unicorns and bats (again, if solids are your thing, solid black dresses of most styles can be gothified). Dead Threads also sells some fun rockabilly clothing and has a great selection of shorts. Below is a pair of Dead Threads shorts, paired with my favorite pair of matching sunglasses from a gift shop called Poison Apple.



Most of my wardrobe is miniskirts and t-shirts, so I usually survive the summer without much¬†difficulty. However….I love wearing big chunky boots and Creepers. Both are quite uncomfortable in the summer since they don’t let your feet breathe. I usually wear my creepers anyways and let my feet suffer through the heat, but I don’t think that is the best advice to give to you.

For starters, if you absolutely must wear boots, try to find a pair that are a lower-cut to allow your legs to breath.


Naturally, sandals are the most popular summer shoes. I used to be really against sandals until recently. I never saw ones I liked until I actively looked for a cool pair, and I ended up finding quite a few that I liked.

I actually own the pair below. I found them at a thrift store and they are very comfortable. They may not be my favorite Creepers, but they still got platforms, so I can’t argue too much.


I don’t own the pair below in black (I have clear glitter), but jelly sandals have become popular again, seemingly among everyone in my town. I got mine on Amazon for under $20. . .and I would not pay any more than that. They are super cute, but SO painful. They are made from rock hard plastic and will hurt your feet after 30 seconds. Buy some sort of padding inserts. You will need them. Trust me.


This last pair I have featured , I do not own, but I saw in a thrift store and managed to find a picture of them on google. If you’re not into the more childish jelly sandals, these have cool straps with silver rings that could go well with any style.


Last but not least. . . WEAR SUNSCREEN!! And remember to reapply it! I already fried my skin within the first week of my summer break :/ Black parasols also come in handy and look downright awesome. And don’t forget to protect your eyes with sunglasses!

Do you have any tips or cool summer outfits you’d like to share? Comment below! Keep cool this season~

Alternative Fashion: Pastel Goth and why it is, indeed, Goth (if you make it be)

First rant about alternative fashion! Along with writing and anime, I am a huge freak for fashion, mainly alternative fashion – which is basically anything not “mainstream.” I wear anything from lolita, baggy phat¬†pants and cartoon t-shirts, to all types of goth.

(left: OTT sweet lolita, right: goth)


As a goth, I’ve heard many negative comments towards the newer “pastel goth” style. And as someone who enjoys wearing pastel goth as well as the more classic goth style, I’d like to shed some light on the topic.

First off, if I say “goth,” is this what pops up in your head?


Though many different styles are recognized within the goth subculture, most of them are characterized by black clothing, chunky boots, silver studs and crosses, and pretty much anything gloomy and spooky.

So when THIS style became a thing and called itself goth….


It angered many “real goths” because it is too cutesy and pastel to be classified as a¬†darker-than-dark goth style.

Pastel goth still uses a great deal of black, studs, platform shoes, and religious symbolism, but puts a girly twist by adding cute hair bows, pastel clothing, and often hair colored like cotton candy.

The style is sometimes a blend of goth and Japanese fairy kei (think classic¬†Harajuku girls, but more pastel than neon) fashion…


…Or it can be more of a hipster-grunge look aka “soft grunge” or “pastel grunge” by mixing spooky or obscene t-shirts, pastel shorts, and beanies:


Since the style gained massive popularity over social media sites, such as tumblr, this style is often criticized as a fad fashion – ¬†something people¬†are wearing because it’s currently trendy, not because they are goth.

I initially had mixed feelings. I liked that it was becoming easier to find Creepers shoes and spooky accessories in stores, but it was also a little frustrating that so many friends of mine were turning “goth,” but had little to no interest in the goth¬†subculture. I wasn’t exactly angry like many other goths, but I was disappointed that I still had very few friends my age that shared my interests.

To briefly explain, the goth subculture¬†revolves around music, fashion, and lifestyle. Music meaning, well…goth rock. Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Siouxsie and the Banshees, along with death rock¬†bands like Christian Death and Alien Sex Fiend, and darkwave bands like Clan of Xymox and Cruxshadows. Most of the pastel goths I’ve met and heard of through “real goth” people ranting listen to anything other than these bands. Lifestyle meaning reading gothic literature (Dracula, Frankenstein, Edgar Allan Poe), going to goth clubs and concerts, and having an overall appreciation for all things spooky – seeing beauty in everything, even stuff most people find scary. The fashion is, as previously described, black with spooky elements.

ANYWAY…I always found it a little silly that the goth subculture – and pretty much all nonconformist subcultures – have very strict guidelines on how to be part of their group, despite the fact that they strive for originality. However, if we are going off those guidelines, there are many people who dress in classic goth, but do not partake in the lifestyle or listen to the music….so why are goths fine with classifying these people as goth, but not pastel goths? It’s ridiculously superficial.

However, if you do claim to be goth (or part of any subculture), know what comes along with the label. If the labeling yourself as a goth is important to you, whether you wear blacks or pastels, at least respect the other two thirds of the subculture. If you aren’t into goth music or lifestyle, enjoy pastel goth fashion, but have a strangely strong desire to be labeled, consider calling yourself “pastel grunge” or “creepy cute.”

So what’s my take?

I find clothing to be the least important part of goth subculture. Though it’s quite silly to so desperately desire a label, if being goth or punk or hipster is really so important to you, it’s what’s on the inside that matters most. What do you love? What do you find beautiful, frustrating, saddening? What you choose to wear won’t change your mindset. I don’t feel any less “goth” when I’m wearing pastel or neon raver outfits. I don’t feel any less “raver” when I’m wearing a frilly lolita dress or all black. Just because I can’t wear black lipstick or armfuls of kandi doesn’t make me less of anything that I am.


I came to really love pastel goth because it merges two of my favorite things: the spookiness of goth with the cuteness of lolita. I find all things beautiful Рthat includes black roses, cute little bats, and frilly bows with skulls attached. If cybergoths can wear fluffy legwarmers and perky goths can wear neon pink and black stripes, then pastel goths should be allowed to wear pastel sweaters. Goth is about appreciating the macabre Рso if macabre kawaii skeletons suit your fancy, more power to you.

Now excuse me, but I must go curl up in my pastel bat sweater and read some Edgar Allan Poe while listening to Bauhaus. In the meantime, what are your opinions on pastel goth? Super cute or super annoying? Leave it be or banish it from the spooky realms of all things gothy? Post your opinions in the comments!