Midnight Waltz: eBook now available!

Hello, all! Mini-update from last night! The eBook version of my book is now available! You can get it here!

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Midnight Waltz: My First Book!

Guess what, everyone? My book is finally available to buy! Just click here! Or if you’d prefer the eBook, click here!


This beautiful cover is done by my friend Kayge Abendroth – check out his art here!

So what’s this book about? Here’s a short(ish) and (kind of) sweet description:

At midnight, she awakens. . .
Over one hundred years after Emily Mavro’s gruesome death, the rumors remain strong: her corpse remains youthful and intact, resting in the abandoned Mavro Manor. On the night of the full moon, she rises at midnight from her slumber, in search of a soul to replace the one stolen from her.
After being rejected by his long-term crush, Anthony’s friends drag him along on their adventure to explore Mavro Manor in an attempt to cheer him up. What was supposed to be a night of spooky fun takes an unexpected turn when he finds Emily awake in her room. Charming yet sassy, Emily claims to have taken part of Anthony’s soul and needs his companionship to ensure her survival.
Their awkward, newfound bond attracts the attention of Eden, an eccentric group of demon-fighting paranormal investigators—as well as Lucifer’s Disciples, the cult of dark mages holding Emily’s soul captive for their mysterious schemes. To protect his new friend, Anthony joins Eden to fight against Lucifer’s Disciples’ bloodthirsty demons and save Emily’s soul—but can he save her from the demons of her dark past?
 Midnight Waltz is my first published work and the first of four books in the Infernal Symphony. If you like urban dark fantasy with a twist of dark humor, please consider giving my book a read!
Thanks for reading this post! Now that my book is out in the world, stay tuned for posts about the plot, themes, characters, and whatever random things about it that I feel are worth sharing~~