TOP 9 Pokemon Games

With only one month until Pokemon Sun & Moon are released, the hype is pretty strong among Pokemon fans! Trailers have been showing so several new mechanics and hinting at interesting story lines, and many fans have already formed strong opinions on the game and its new Pokemon. As difficult as it may be, I’d like to break away from the latest news, just for a moment, and look back at all the great (and maybe not so great) elements of the previous Pokemon games, and see how far we’ve come in the past two decades. If you have time to cram in a game you haven’t played yet, here is my personal list of worst-to-best, that hopefully can provide some aid or strike up an interesting debate!

*This list contains only the main games for Pokemon. N64, Gamecube, Mystery Dungeon Series, etc. are not included.

9. Black/White/Black 2/White 2 (DS)


I’ll be honest, I really didn’t like Black/White. Everything about it really didn’t jive with me. I wasn’t a fan of the new Pokemon designs, the graphics looked clunky, your friends in the game are kind of annoying, the story wasn’t that great, and it honestly just wasn’t that great as a whole. The seasons thing could have been cool, but it wasn’t. It happened way too quickly for me to really enjoy. I have yet to personally meet someone who actually liked Black/White, but I guess they were liked enough to actually receive direct sequels.

8. Diamond/Pearl/Platinum (DS)


Honestly, I found these to be a little too similar vibe-wise to R/S/E, if that makes sense. Wireless/wifi trading – and having internet connection in general – was groundbreaking, I’ll give them that, because struggling to keep connection with the gamelink was troublesome, but I found the games to be a little. . .boring. It really just felt like another Pokemon game. Catching Pokemon, battling through gyms, defeating some sort of enemy team – you can only do it so many times. D/P/P weren’t horrible, but there really wasn’t anything there to make them better than the earlier games.

7. Leaf Green/Fire Red (GBA)


I think it might have been a little too early to remake the original games. Yeah, having updated graphics was nice, but they didn’t feel necessary to me, and the addition of the Sevii Islands wasn’t really enough to make a whole new experience, compared to ORAS’s Delta Episode. LG/FR weren’t bad games, they’re definitely worth checking out, but other than being able to trade with R/S/E, there really wasn’t much of a point for me. Now, if the original games could be remade for 3DS, I’d be stoked.


6. Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald (GBA)


So. Much. Surfing. It’s really no wonder how I found a shiny Tentacool. I think the coolest thing about R/S/E were the graphics. Yeah, it’s a given that they should improve over the Game Boy ones, but it was still neat to actually have full scenery and color in a Pokemon game. More cool new stuff was added, like contests, but we lost the day/night feature. With the addition of new teams, the game you got changed the story line a bit more drastically. That being said, some kind of story beyond “Hey, Team Rocket sucks, can you get rid of them for us?” was added, though I can’t stay the plot was really the game’s strong point. Having a new Pokemon game on a new system was cool, but it really did not match the excitement that G/S/C gave me. Also, after the additions Yellow and Crystal brought, Emerald didn’t really meet my “special edition” standards. On a side note, I knew braille for about a month from trying to catch the Regis, so I guess I learned something new from playing.

5. X/Y (3DS)


After Black/White, I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to attempt X/Y. Luckily, the 3DS Pokemon games were a huge step up. Though the 3D could have been neater and utilized more, the anime-ish graphics were aesthetically pleasing, as well as the game’s French-styled scenery as a whole. I’m also a sucker for Pokemon-amie. Though it was the most recent and high-tech game, it somehow had a back-to-basics feel. Plenty of beloved Kanto Pokemon appeared in the wild, plus the inclusion of the original starters and legendaries was a great way of bringing the past into the present. I’m still a little bummed that we never got a Z version. . .

4. Heart Gold/Soul Silver (DS)


Fantastic remake of G/S! Everything I loved was there.  .  . So keep reading to find out why I thought G/S/C was so fantastic! I have HG/SS ranked a little lower though since it didn’t have the same excitement around it for me, and wasn’t as big of an advancement for the series as the original was. However, the first Pokemon in your party would follow you around and it was super cute! WHY did they take that feature out??

3. Red/Blue/Green(JP only)/Yellow (GBP/GBC)


The games that started it all! When the Nintendo eShop released them for digital download, it was hilarious to hear the new reactions of people who were playing them for the first time. “Where is the Daycare to lay eggs? Why can’t my Eevee evolve into Sylveon? Why is Magnemite only electric? I WALK SO SLOW!” Sure, R/B/Y are pretty dated, but they are still excellent games that should be played by all Pokemon fans. Very basic game play, simple story line, but still pretty fun compared to some older games in different series. Even if the game is too simple for you, there are hundreds of crazy hacks and glitches you can do to entertain yourself, like catching Mew, multiplying your items, visiting Glitch City, and encountering Missingno. Yellow especially was neat since it loosely incorporated the anime’s story, so you had a Pikachu as your starter and it followed you around, eventually are given all 3 original starters, and you occasionally encountered Jessie and James. Plus, it was for Game Boy Color, while the originals were for Pocket, so every town had its own unique color scheme.

2. Gold/Silver/Crystal (GBC)


If the game battery didn’t die so freaking fast, it would be perfect, especially for its time. Having a new region and group of Pokemon was super exciting for those who played or watched through the first region. At the time, we had no idea there would be more than 151 Pokemon, so having a sequel game was a really big deal. G/S/C really set the pace for every game after it. Pokemon were gendered, they could hold items, lay eggs, more types and evolutions were added, you had some sort of gadget with neat apps. As annoying as some of the phone calls were, it was still a cool feature that I wish stayed in the later games, along with the radio. Crystal was also the first game to give you the option to play as a female, which was especially appreciated among little girls like me. Though the graphics were still subpar (as they seem to always be), it was the first in the series to be in more than one color, and the Pokemon battle sprites in Crystal could move, so it was definitely a step up. Being able to play through the Kanto region was awesome, and it would be cool to be able to play through old regions more, but I suppose cramming now 7 other regions into one game may be a bit of a hassle. More than anything, the day/night feature was stellar, despite the toll it took on the battery (and the amount of times my mom yelled at me for playing past my bed time). I really hope to see Sun and Moon bring this back, given the game titles.

1. Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire (3DS) 


It almost feels taboo to put the latest game as my number 1, but I was blown away by the 3DS remakes of Ruby and Sapphire. Tech-wise, it had the same features as X/Y, plus the Pokemon radar system, which made finding Pokemon SO much easier! The story was presented so well, I wish the actual anime was like this – maybe I would have kept watching it! Lots of the cut scenes were really cute, exciting, and even a little emotional, and the delta episode provided plenty of post-game fun. Flying with Latias and Latios was an incredible new experience. My only complaint is that if you don’t look at an online guide, finding all the legendaries may be a struggle, but in this day and age, that isn’t too hard to do. Even if you weren’t a fan of the original Ruby/Sapphire, ORAS is definitely worth checking out.


So, how does your personal list match up with mine? Are there any games that you loved or disliked? How are you feeling about Sun and Moon so far? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

Thanks for reading! 🙂



Gothic Outfit Challenge

Hello, everyone! It’s been a while since I made a fashion post, so I’d like to share with you a photo challenge I did on Facebook about a month ago!

Drawings were circulating around various pages about a “gothic outfit challenge,” where everyday you had to wear a different goth style for a week. A handful of friends tagged me in the posts, so I eventually caved and did it. Here are the results! Heads up, lighting isn’t fantastic in my room, so it’s hard to show off black clothing e.e


Nu Goth (aka “tumblr goth,” “hipster goth,” or “goth lite”) is the most modern, and probably msot popular style among peeps my age, given its simplicity and online presence. It basically is modern fashion with a dark twist, heavily influenced by goth stereotypes, like crosses, skulls, spikes, platform shoes, etc. For this outfit, I was sure to include my skull hair clips, tattoo choker, Forever 21 cross cardigan, creepers, and over-the-knee stockings.


Dark Mori (aka “forrest goth,” “witchy,” “forrest witch”) is basically what would happen if a goth got lost in a forest. “Mori” is Japanese for forest, so mori fashion is characterized by flowy shawls, scarves, garments, and grays/browns/dark greens, and of course black if you want to go Dark Mori. It kind of reminds me of forest fairies or witches, which is pretty dope. For this outfit, I included my flower and butterfly hair clips, a floral lacey top, and this drapey shawl-like thing that didn’t photograph too well :/


Gonna start off by apologizing for not having a mad rad death hawk. The look is kinda incomplete without it, but I’d rather not shave my head for a facebook challenge.

Death Rock (aka “punk goth,” “zombie punk,” “goth is literally dead – or undead, undead, undead?”) is an older style in the goth family and is the fashion counterpart for death rock music. Inspired by post-punk and punk rock, death rock is like punk with a spooky twist. With shredded clothing, spikes, big hair, and platform shoes, if you look like an undead punk, you’re doing it right. I wore my favorite Demonia platforms, Lip Service fishnet top, and layered fishnet stockings with stripes.



Trad Goth (aka “traditional goth,” “real goth,” “I’m a non-conformist and my look is original – what? No, I did not steal this look from my favorite band”) is the original goth fashion, around since the early days when goth evolved from punk. Therefore, trad fashion borrows many elements from punk, like fishnets and snazzy jackets. Also, it was the 80s, so big hair and heavy makeup are a must. Where yesterday’s death rock is more “zombie punk,” trad goth is more “punk going to the (soon to be) zombie punk’s funeral.”The jacket is an old Tripp relic, with pins added and an ankh painted on the back. The skirt is from Queen of Darkness.


Cyber goth (aka “raver goths,” “not actually goths,” “ravers who think they are goth but are actually just ravers in black and neon”) is probably the most different of the bunch – not because of the neon colors necessarily, but because it focuses on futuristic elements and is associated with electronic dance music rather than rock. Dreadfall and cyberlox hair extensions are a must, often paired with goggles and a respirator. Fishnets, spikes, and platforms are still popular like with the other goths, but cyber goths are more commonly seen wearing biohazard and radiation symbols over crosses and coffins. My dress is from Cyberdog, and I wore a mixture of crin cyberlox and dreadfals from sellers local to my area. The shoes are 5″ platforms I thrifted, just say Hot Topic in them.


The challenge specifically calls for Military Goth (pretty self explanatory what that is), but I don’t own anything like that e.e So I did the next closest thing.

Rivethead (aka “industrial enthusiasts,” “darker, more badass cybergoths,” “‘are you from the Matrix?'”) often takes military elements like camo and combat boots, and mixes them with punk, fetish (girls often wear PVC or leather), and cyber, but without the neon colors. It is associated with industrial music, both the harsher ends of electro-industrial and industrial rock like KMFDM and Rammstein. The dress is from Lip Service, the dreads from a local seller, I think I actually got the goggles used on eBay?


And there you have it! Do you have a favorite style? Have you ever tried this challenge? Please comment your thoughts below! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

Pokemon 20th Anniversary!

Happy 20th anniversary, Pokemon!

I remember like it was yesterday where I was when I first learned about Pokemon. I was 3 years old when it first came to the US. My neighbor was showing me his new game he got for his GameBoy called Pokemon Blue. He was showing me how to look for Pokemon by walking through grass and surfing in water. It just blew my mind. I honestly don’t know why because I didn’t understand how to play really, but I knew I NEEDED that game.

Shortly after, my mom bought me Red version. I couldn’t read, so I didn’t really know what to do. I knew you could catch pokemon and battle (I knew numbers, so I knew about leveling up), but I didn’t know what the names of the pokemon were or how to save. I would play for hours on end, just so I could make it past Veridian City. The farthest I ever got was to Rock Tunnel in one sitting. I had the game guide – which is now a torn-up mess than not even tape can save, but it didn’t help since I COULDN’T READ. But I liked the pictures and it came with stickers, which I made a pretty picture with. It wasn’t until one of my 4 yr old friends (who could read) taught me how to save that my love for pokemon exploded into something uncontrollable and amazing.


Soon, everyone I knew was obsessed with Pokemon. It seemed like the entire world had fallen in love with its charm. I had a plush Pikachu that I carried around with me. I even shared my Happy Meals with him. I watched the TV show all the time, and when my mom gave me and my sister the first tape, we watched it every day until she got us more. I continued to get more games, cards, toys, clothing, comics, even bed sheets – I was a walking embodiment of Pokemania. From cereal to underwear, Pokemon was everywhere, and I had to own it all.

I never stopped loving Pokemon. I still play the games religiously. I don’t watch the new episodes, but I still rewatch my tapes. I hardcore fangirled when I met Veronica Taylor, the voice of Ash Ketchum, last year at Emerald City Comicon. I don’t think it’s possible for me to ever stop loving Pokemon. With Pokemon Sun and Moon soon to be released, I look forward to many more years filled with my favorite series of all time.



Also, for old-time’s sake. . .who remembers this classic ad?

How long have you been playing Pokemon? Do you have any Pokemon memories you’d like to share? Are you doing anything special to celebrate the 20th anniversary? Comment below! Thanks for reading! 🙂



ATTACK ON TITAN MOVIE: Why I actually kind of really liked it!

Hello, everyone! Long time, no post! Hope you all have been well 🙂 A couple weeks ago, I saw the Attack on Titan live-action movie, and I’d like to share my thoughts on it today!

For starters, I am not a fan of the AoT anime (I did watch through all of season 1) and I’ve never read the manga. I heard from other reviews that the live-action movie is much different from the anime, thus disappointing many AoT fans.

Well. I’m not an AoT fan. Not even close. So I figured I’d give the movie a shot.


The basic premise was the same: quiet village enclosed by walls, titans attack and everything goes to shit, the main characters join the military to fight the titans. But that’s pretty much the only thing that’s similar. Yeah, Eren is still the main character. Eren’s mother isn’t in the movie, and he briefly mentions his parents both died when he was young. Mikasa is not his adopted sister who’s weirdly horny for him, but his girlfriend. . .which is probably for the best. Armin isn’t as main of a character, and is more or less there by the anime’s necessity and to be a love interest for Sasha, who possibly likes potatoes even more in the movie than she does in the anime. Hange is even crazier about titans and is a more prominent character, which is awesome. Levi’s character is changed to Shikishima – which, as I read in one of the reviews, was to make him more “believably Japanese” – and is kind of a condescending creeper with the hots for Mikasa. . .but I actually found his character more interesting that way.

I can guarantee you that zero AoT fans actually agree with me on that.

Also, some new side characters were added, which was kind of cool since I felt a lot of the side characters in the anime were glossed over, but it also makes me wonder why they didn’t just use the anime characters and add more depth to them.


The characters all look Japanese, which makes sense since it is a Japanese movie, but it did take away some of the character’s defining features, like Armin’s blonde hair. But it also makes sense since, while not explicitly stated, the movie takes place in a place parallel to 1940s Japan rather than the anime’s more European setting. With mentions of war, weapons of mass destruction, big red flags, the movie definitely has a WWII vibe. Though this disappointed many fans since it took away from the authenticity, I really liked the change since I like WWII stuff.


Also, the colossal titan is basically an atomic bomb. Explosions, destruction, fire raining down on the villagers as they scream and run in terror, the titan disappearing into a cloud of black smoke. . .


The standard titans are pretty much what you’d expect – creepy, yet goofy looking. Maybe it just felt this way since it’s a live-action movie, but the movie seemed a lot bloodier than the anime, with blood raining down as titans bite into people, ripping them apart.


Also, showing children crying for their parents, people stampeding and cramming into temples for safety, committing suicide, crying as they leave their families to fight in the military – it felt a lot darker than the anime.

Yet it also felt more carefree than the anime. One of my biggest complaints about the anime is that it takes itself too seriously. I’m sorry, but giant naked people with goofy faces is too silly for me to take seriously. With the darker atmosphere, quirkier characters, and soundtrack of heavy metal and hip hop music, the film felt more like a corny Japanese B horror movie, and it was actually really fun to watch.

On a side note, this movie is just part 1 and only covers the beginning of the anime. I have yet to see part 2.

Bottom line: if you like B horror movies, you might like this movie. If you’re a die-hard AoT fan, you might be disappointed by the changes, but it might be worth watching just to see what it’s like.

Have you seen the Attack on Titan movie? What did you think? Any thoughts you’d like to share? Please comment below! Thanks for reading 😀

Alt. Fashion post! Spooky in the Summer~

It’s that time of the year again when the great fireball in the sky burns the strongest. It’s also that time when my Facebook is flooded with “how to be Goth in the summer!” blogs shared by my friends.

That being said, if you are looking for “how to be goth in the summer” articles to find ways to keep cool while wearing black, there are dozens of them out there. While I could write one, too, I feel it’d be a bit redundant since so many other bloggers have done the job.

Instead, I would like to share with you some of my personal favorite outfit pieces and tips to give you some specific ideas on what could be fun to wear in the summer months. As there are many different subgenres of goth, I tried to find clothing that could be used for all or most kinds. This article is catered towards feminine fashion since I am a female and like girly clothing. I don’t mean to single anyone out.


What better to wear in the summer than tank tops? You can simply wear a black tank top and goth it up with accessories – accessories can add personality to a plain black outfit. I like adding silver skulls, ankhs, and crosses to mine. If you get warm easily, avoid tight chokers and leather.

If you’re looking for something more girly, find one with lace or bows. You can easily find solid colored tank tops literally anywhere that sells clothes, and usually for a pretty cheap price.

Here are two tank tops that I really like for summer. The left is from Dead Threads and the right is from Tripp (corset is just for looks, not functional).


Too frilly for you? If lace and ribbons aren’t your thing, you can modify a solid tank top to suit your liking. On the right, I got a solid black tank top and hot glued zippers I bought from my local craft store. On the left I have a crop top with crosses from About a Girl. It’s almost 3/4 sleeves, but it’s super lightweight, making it perfect for hot weather.


Summer is also a great time for flowy materials since they don’t stick to your skin. This flowy shawl-cardigan-thing looks great over tank tops. Not only is it light, but the back has a lace panel. The brand is BCX and I think it’s from either Target or Macy’s. . .some really big store.

20150515_134107 (1)

Fishnet tops can also be great summer pieces, but this can depend on its material. A lighter mesh or large netting will work best.


Again, plain black shorts and skirts will work. I’ve seen a lot of long, flowy black skirts in stores lately, many of which could be used for an awesome summer outfit. I personally prefer shorter skirts, and summer is a great time for them. Pictured below is my favorite skirt that I own. It’s from Queen of Darkness. I tend to wear it all year round (unless it’s snowing), but unless I wear thick leggings underneath, I tend to freeze my butt off. It’s just a thin satiny skirt with spiderweb lace on top.


The rockabilly look is a great style to try out in the summer. Hell Bunny sells lots of big, flowy, 50s styles dresses with spooky prints, like skulls, zombie unicorns and bats (again, if solids are your thing, solid black dresses of most styles can be gothified). Dead Threads also sells some fun rockabilly clothing and has a great selection of shorts. Below is a pair of Dead Threads shorts, paired with my favorite pair of matching sunglasses from a gift shop called Poison Apple.



Most of my wardrobe is miniskirts and t-shirts, so I usually survive the summer without much difficulty. However….I love wearing big chunky boots and Creepers. Both are quite uncomfortable in the summer since they don’t let your feet breathe. I usually wear my creepers anyways and let my feet suffer through the heat, but I don’t think that is the best advice to give to you.

For starters, if you absolutely must wear boots, try to find a pair that are a lower-cut to allow your legs to breath.


Naturally, sandals are the most popular summer shoes. I used to be really against sandals until recently. I never saw ones I liked until I actively looked for a cool pair, and I ended up finding quite a few that I liked.

I actually own the pair below. I found them at a thrift store and they are very comfortable. They may not be my favorite Creepers, but they still got platforms, so I can’t argue too much.


I don’t own the pair below in black (I have clear glitter), but jelly sandals have become popular again, seemingly among everyone in my town. I got mine on Amazon for under $20. . .and I would not pay any more than that. They are super cute, but SO painful. They are made from rock hard plastic and will hurt your feet after 30 seconds. Buy some sort of padding inserts. You will need them. Trust me.


This last pair I have featured , I do not own, but I saw in a thrift store and managed to find a picture of them on google. If you’re not into the more childish jelly sandals, these have cool straps with silver rings that could go well with any style.


Last but not least. . . WEAR SUNSCREEN!! And remember to reapply it! I already fried my skin within the first week of my summer break :/ Black parasols also come in handy and look downright awesome. And don’t forget to protect your eyes with sunglasses!

Do you have any tips or cool summer outfits you’d like to share? Comment below! Keep cool this season~

Book Review: “The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy,” by Sam Maggs


Hello, everyone! I don’t plan on regularly reviewing books, but I know I have a lot of geeky bloggers that follow me, so this book might be of interest to you all. It’s all about being a fangirl of pretty much anything! I originally published the story in the newspaper I write for, but because I really enjoyed the book, I want to share it on my blog, too.

You can read the review in its original format (and articles from other talented writers) here:

or you can read my review right here:

Fake Geek. Gamer Girl. Poser. Trend follower. All common insults, among many others, that female geeks are bombarded with. After all, a girl who actually plays video games and reads comic books is unheard of, right? Wrong. In her book “The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy,” Sam Maggs sheds light on geek girls, from the various types of fans to the prejudice they face.

So what exactly is a fangirl? A fangirl is a female fan passionate about something usually considered geeky. Though it doesn’t sound too far-fetched, Maggs mentions several occasions where her credibility as a fan came into question by men in geek bars and video game stores, simply because she is a woman. Maggs knows she is not alone and not only hopes to use her book to fight against ever-present sexism, but to help fangirls feel empowered and proud of themselves and their interests.

Maggs speaks to all geeks. She starts off by classifying the different types of geeks, including fans of Star Wars, Harry Potter, anime, comics, Doctor Who, and even young adult novels. She defines common fangirl lingo commonly seen on tumblr and forums and gives survival tips on attending geeky conventions. Along with this, she mentions what conventions include and where to find them, offers suggestions on how to incorporate your fandom into your daily life, such as collecting room decor and choosing a geeky tattoo, and gives great ideas to help geek girls connect with each other, such as TV show viewing parties. Throughout the book, she includes interviews with famous female writers, artists, and actresses to share their thoughts and experiences on being fangirls. Maggs also includes several online resources for geek girls: from meeting friends, to finding fashion, to party planning tips.

Most importantly, Maggs addresses the issue of feminism and how, even in geek media, women are often portrayed as unequal. She defines the terminology that goes along with feminism and related topics, explains how to critically think about the treatment of women in the media, and how to go about calling out misogyny and supporting women in the industry. Maggs points out how important it is to bring awareness of these issues to help create equality for people of all races, genders, and sexual orientations.

Though the book is catered toward female fangirls, it makes a great read for all genders. While males may experience less prejudice for playing video games, the types of geeks and their slang is not exclusive to females. Anyone can benefit from convention tips and brushing up on geek speak. Whether you are a hardcore geek, a new geek, or just a friend or parent of a geek, you will benefit from reading this book. Those unfamiliar with geek culture will finally be able to understand the different types of fans and the things they say. Those who are familiar will find Maggs’s recommendations of media series including strong female characters to be a helpful list of shows and comics to check out. Even if you happen to know every single reference and recommendation in the book, Maggs’s perspective on geek girls and feminism is worth reading.

Are you a fangirl? Do you have any experiences to share? Maybe about a cool convention you attended or a time you were discriminated against due to your gender? Please comment below! Thanks for reading~

5 Fun Comics to Brighten Your Day With Silly Spookiness!

Here’s a new topic: comic books! As those who follow my blog may know, I’m a big fan of comics. Especially silly spooky comics! This includes anything with gothic and/or horror elements mixed with humor (often black humor). Here’s a list of 5 really awesome comics that made me laugh out loud – and hopefully will do the same for you!

1.) “Oh My Goth!” by Aurelio Voltaire


While Voltaire is most famous for his singing/songwriting, he is also an accomplished author, toy maker, animator, and comic book artist. Many of his works are satirical, especially towards the goth subculture, and “Oh My Goth!” is a prime example of his humor. An alien is sent to earth in search of intelligent life forms to keep his species from invading. However, this proves to be a difficult task as he encounters several zany groups of earthlings, all satirized to the max. He befriends a group of goth teens – the main targets for Voltaire’s dark humor, but really no one is safe. From vampires to aliens to ravers to Bjork, everyone and everything gets a chance in the spotlight. I recommend buying the 2.0 graphic novel, as it includes everything from the first edition graphic novel + extras! A must read for all Voltaire fans or anyone part of the goth scene!

2.) “Little Gloomy” by Landry Walker and Eric Jones


This has actually been my favorite comic since I was a little girl. That being said, “Little Gloomy” is fun and appropriate for all ages! Gloomy is a little human girl who lives in a world full of monsters. She’s often targeted by strange occurrences, usually due to her mad scientist ex-boyfriend Simon. Her friends are all classic monsters: Frankenstein’s monster, a werewolf, chtulhu, and a mummy. But they’re all drawn really cute. While the art appears childish at a glance, the story is pretty age neutral. It provides the perfect balance between spooky zombies and silly little monsters who help Gloomy with her struggles…and sometimes make them worse.

3.) “Fillerbunny” by Jhonen Vasquez


Creator of “Invader Zim” and “Johnny the Homicidal Maniac,” “Fillerbunny” is basically the result of taking all the dark, silly humor from Vasquez’s work, removing the plot line, and then multiplying the silly stuff by 100. “Fillerbunny” was originally made to fill the vacant ad spaces in his “Squee!” comics, and soon became its own mini-series. “Fillerbunny” is basically 3 15-paged volumes of a pink bunny who really wants to die, but is forced to stay alive and be tortured in the weirdest ways possible, like getting a monkey shoved up his butt or eating rectal meat. It sounds horrible, but it’s actually really funny. I swear. “Fillerbunny” was recently released into a graphic novel with new material added and can be found in most comic book shops.

4.) “Amity Blamity” by Mike White


I recently purchased volume one of this series at my local comic shop. I had no idea what it was about, but the art looked cute and I always enjoy comics published by Slave Labor Graphics, so I figured it was worth a shot. While it’s not as dark or gothy as most SLG comics, “Amity Blamity” provides enough hilarity to justify its place on my list (and I really liked it, so I’d like to give it a moment of fame), and the humor would most likely appeal to those who enjoy the other series I mentioned. It’s about a clever little pig who speaks like a human (this is never questioned), a mute little girl, who live on the countryside with her grandma and uncle, who is more pig-like than the pig. It’s another all-ages comic, but I doubt kids would pick up on the drugs/alcohol jokes. From running careers to making moonshine to hunting for fluffy white creatures, hilarity ensues as the quirky characters are swept away on crazy little adventures.

5.) “Bear,” by Jamie Smart


Quite possibly the darkest on the list and loaded with black humor, “Bear” is like a really f***ed up “Amity Blamity” or “Tom and Jerry” on speed. It’s also another comic I bought out of curiosity and was quite pleased with the surprise. An ordinary guy lives with his talking stuffed bear and psychotic cat Looshkin, who also talks. Again, this is not questioned. Looshkin is really, really, really psycho and find great pleasure in torturing bear with sadistic pranks and making things explode. It’s brilliantly random, shocking, and silly.

Have you read any of these comics? What did you think? Do you have any other dark and/or silly comics that you’d like to recommend? Comment below!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more comics reviews~